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Before placing your order with Pigs Unlimited Catering, Inc., we would like to state again that we put an emphasis on customizing your order, to ensure that your party is unique and exactly what you were looking for! Please take note, decorated pig will only be available for parties of 150 guests or more. 


There are a few important distinctions to be aware of, but the two primary ways to get your food are either full service or pick-up orders.

full service order means Pigs Unlimited staff will arrive at the scene of your party with all the food you've ordered, setting up the food in an aesthetically pleasing way. We will also ensure that food is constantly refilled, and that our set-up is exactly the way you, the customer, wants it.

pick-up order, on the other hand, offers a different take, where we prepare all the food you've ordered at our kitchen, packaging it for ease of transportation, and the food is picked up either by you, the customer, or a designee, free for you to take it and set it up however you would like!

Finally, there is the difference between a traditional meal and an entree only meal.

traditional meal entails a full decorated pig or shredded pork (or your choice of substitutions), served with sauerkraut, baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, BBQ sauce, buns, and paper plates and utensils. This meal type is available both full service and pick-up.

Whereas an entree only meal is shredded pork or decorated pig (or your choice of substitutions), served with sauerkraut and BBQ sauce. This order type is available both full service and pick-up.

Make sure to consult the price guide by the order customizer form, or get in touch with us about any questions you have about customizing your order!

Cash, check, and major credit cards gladly accepted. 
3% service and handling charge on all credit card payments.